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⋛⋋ a panfandom afterlife DR based in the world of Angel Beats! ⋌⋚

Hey... Open your eyes.

You wake to the sound of someone calling you. It's strangely quiet, almost peaceful. There's only the sound of the wind in the trees with the faint echo of voices in the distance. In a daze, you sit up and happen to glance down at yourself. Your clothes aren't the same. At least, you don't think they are. Come to think of it, what were you last wearing?

You okay there? C'mon, get up. Do you need me to get someone? I'm going to be late for class.

Class? You glance up to see a student dressed in a school uniform, offering you a hand. You don't recognize the student, or any of your surroundings. You don't know how you got here at all. In fact, the last you remember you were--

You-- died.

♫ ♬ ♫

Welcome to Bluer Skies, an afterlife DR set in the world of Angel Beats! We are open to all-comers from all fandoms across all mediums, up to and including OCs, fandom OCs, AUs, et cetera. If you can dream it, you can bring it. This includes adult characters past high-school age. The basic concept is that after death, people who feel somehow unfulfilled or wronged by their lives find themselves in an idyllic, mundane world that functions as a sort of Purgatory. There, they are meant to let their weary souls rest, find fulfillment within themselves and come to terms with both their lives and their deaths, and finally move on to whatever awaits in the sweet hereafter.

However, some souls find their lives to be too unfair and painful to let go of. To them, it's insulting to even suggest such a thing. They are consumed by the tragedies of their lives and can find no peace in Purgatory. In the past, they've even banded together to rebel against God. Now those times have passed and the world has been reset. The school is led by a new student council president.

If you've arrived here, there's no question that your life was painful, short, and ended abruptly. The questions lie in what you will do here, if you will band with others and fight, or if you will allow your soul to be put at ease and move on.

Warning: Due to the afterlife nature of this DR, it is likely to be spoiler-heavy so if you are spoiler-shy, please be warned before you go in. For players, feel free to cut spoilers or warn for them in the subject line, but it's not mandatory. Also note that you're free to deviate from your characters' canon deaths at your leisure. We're all very laid-back about the finer details here.


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Also we have an OOC account over at [community profile] oocskies! Please feel free to join that, crash in, introduce yourself, mingle, post memes, etc. Go wild!

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